GOVERNMENT STAFFING ASSOCIATES brings a radically simple approach to optimizing

the staffing operations of our clients' most complex assets: an enormous inventory of

Human Capital.  We help the nation’s leading government organizations to maximize

their hiring and retention process, and in the process, making these same organizations

more efficient, productive, reliable and "Employers Of Choice."  

   Our expertise in the Government Services Sector and philosophy in building strong

relationships with both clients and candidates have allowed us to build and maintain an

unparalleled body of work that allows us to be recognized as The Premier Staffing Agency

in The Government Services Sector.

   Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and getting to know us.  Before

inviting us into your organization, please hear what people are saying:   


“When a departmental manager first called me to introduce me to GSA, I was a little hesitant to talk because of my heavy workload, the disappointments my organization has faced with respect to the unfulfilled promise of temporary staff, and because many agency reps are driven strictly by “sales numbers.”  I have been extremely pleased to partner with GSA, as they have proven to be a very valuable resource with all matters relating to staffing, training, consulting, and human resources. They have taken a very consultative and proprietary approach to assisting me, as they have provided me with great insight and valuable input as it relates to quality candidates, competitive salaries, and the current market conditions…they have become our sole staffing resource.

I am always confident that they can be depended upon to not only provide me with quality people, at a fair price, but more importantly I’m confident I can count on them to do little things. It is very important that my new employees are properly screened, tested and not forgotten. I trust that GSA will take care of many, if not all, of our staffing needs on a long-term basis. I am happy to report that I trust GSA sincerely, and without any reservations.”

- Director of Finance, Alameda County


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GSA is headquartered in The City Center of Oakland, CA and also has offices in San Francisco, which are located in the historic Folger Building.